ResSched Versions
What is the difference between the Standard and Corporate Editions?
What is the Web Module?
Licensing ResSched
Can we try ResSched before buying it?
Can we buy the Standard Edition and upgrade to the Corporate Edition later?
What is an 'update access user'?
Are the number of users referred to in the license concurrent users?
Can we add update access users or the unlimited view only users option later?
How much does ResSched cost?
How do I order ResSched?
Do you offer non-profit or educational discounts?
Installing ResSched
How do I install the ResSched?
What user name and password do I use?
Learning ResSched
Is there a manual?
Is there any sample data?
Are there any tutorials?
Is training available?
Using ResSched
How do I make a booking that extends beyond a single calendar day?
How do I make a repeat booking
How do I see my bookings?
How can I change the schedule dissplay from time line to vertical (or the other way around)?
How can I use color to distinquish types of bookings, clients, and resources?
How can I control which users are able to book which resources?
How do I change the 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM work day shown in the schedules?
How do I see the schedules of related resources in one view?
How do I filter resources by multiple criteria?
How do I change the terms for booking, resource, client and category?
Technical Support and Program Updates
What sort of technical support is available?
Is there are charge for technical support?
Do we get program updates?
Using ResSched with the Internet
How do I display schedules on our web site?
How do I update schedules remotely?

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