How do I make a booking that extends beyond a single calendar day?

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If you have bookings that run continuously beyond a single calendar day, (e.g. 24 hour shift work or equipment rental), you must turn on 'Bookings cross midnight' on in File>System Settings.  You must also specify the maximum number of days any single occurrence of a booking will run. Don't confuse this function with repeat bookings.


After you have done that, every booking will require an end date as well as a start date, and all booking information will show an end date.  If you only have a small percentage of bookings that go beyond one calendar day, you may wish to simulate bookings that cross midnight using the irregular repeat function instead.


If you turn on 'Bookings cross midnight', you will probably want to change the beginning and end times of your workday as well File>System Settings/User settings/Scan entries. Use 12:00 AM as the workday beginning and 11:59 PM as the workday end to get 24 hours displayed in scan schedules.





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