Booking Conflicts Window

The Booking Conflicts Window is called when a user is trying to make a booking that would:



over book a resource;

over book a client (if turned on in System Settings);

occur on a special day;

occur on a weekend or outside a normal workday (if turned on in User Preferences)




For each occurrence of the proposed booking that has conflicts, the list box shows the date and time of the proposed occurrence, and the conflicts  it has.  The conflict information includes the resource, client or booking name (set in User Preferences). When the conflict involves an individual (i.e., not pooled) resource, the time of the conflicting booking is also shown.


Booking occurrences that have conflicts will not be scheduled, unless the user accepts the conflict.  Click on each conflict you want to accept, and click OK.   To select or deselect all the conflicts, click Select All or Clear All.


Please note: If System Settings have been set to disallow conflicts, general and reserve users will not be able to accept any conflicts that involve a resource. System and Resource Administrators can accept these conflicts, but they must confirm they want to over ride each one.