Browse Bookings Window



The Browse Bookings window is called by clicking Booking>Browse Bookings from the main menu or thebrowseico Browse button in the toolbar. The Browse Bookings window displays all the bookings in ResSched for a specified period. You can filter these bookings by clicking tabs at the top of the window. Once you have made entered your selections, you must click thedisplayico Display button to generate the display


Note: If 'Bookings can cross midnight' has been checked in System Settings, there will be a second line for each booking with the end date and time for the booking.



Display from

Start date of the display period.  The current date is the default. Use the calbutton buttons to call a look-up calendar for selecting the dates.


The end date of the display period.   ResSched uses the Browse Period setting in User Preferences to determine the default end date.  

Display Automatically

If turned on, when this window opens the schedule will automatically be displayed using the last settings used.  When any of those settings are changed, the window will refresh the display.  If turned off,  you must use the displayicoDisplay button to show the schedule.

Include Inactive

If you want to include inactive bookings in the display and printed output, turn this option on.

Use Color

Display any colors are associated with the booking name, client, primary resource or category.   Start and end date/times show colors associated with the booking's status.

Show Color Block

Use the same background and font colors as the graphical schedules,  otherwise use the background color of schedules as the font color.  Only applies if Use Color is on.

Show Other Resources

If turned on, when a booking is selected all the resources except the primary resource are shown in the Other Resources list.





Booking Information  

Large list box with the weekday, date, time, booking, client, primary resource and units. To make the window easier to view, the day and date are shown for only the first booking of the day.  If you have established colors for the booking, client, or resource, those colors will be shown for those entries.   Status colors are shown in start and end times of the booking.

Other Resources  

Small list box that displays the name and number of units of all the other resources involved with the highlighted booking that are not the primary resource.





By Date  

All bookings are displayed in date/time order.

By Resource  

All bookings for a specified resource are displayed in date/time order.  Select a resource by clicking browseico.

By Client  

All bookings of a user-specified client listed in date/time order. Enter the name of the client or select a client by clicking browseico .

By Resource Group  

All bookings of each resource in a selected resource group or combination group  are displayed in date/time order.  Select a resource group by clicking browseico, or click ComboButton to create a combination group

By Category

All bookings of an administrator defined category listed in date/time order.  Select the category by clicking browseico.

By Status

All bookings with the specified status listed in date/time order







View or change the details of a booking. Clicking this button calls the Add/Update Booking window having the details for the highlighted booking.



Add a new booking. Clicking this button calls a blank Add/Update Booking window.



Deletes the highlighted booking. You must confirm this action.




You can print a report of the listed bookings.


1. Click the Print button.


2. The Select End of Schedule window opens. Accept or change the end date for the report period and choose whether to print in landscape, include booking notes, and preview the report before printing


3. Click the OK button on the Select End of Schedule window. If you have chosen to use Microsoft Word® (only available with the Corporate Edition) to print reports, your documents will be generated using Word®.  If you selected Preview, the Report Preview window appears.  If not the report is sent straight to the printer.


Print 1

Prints the information about the highlighted booking


E-mail 1

Calls your e-mail program with the information about the highlighted booking in the message.



Refresh the display based on the tab, dates, and filter selected.