Browse Clients Window

Use the Browse Clients window to select clients for bookings and other ResSched functions. Also, you can use this window to add a new client to ResSched or change or delete an existing client entry. The Browse Clients window is called by Client>Browse Clients from the main menu or by the different functions that use it to select clients.





Use Locator for quickly finding a specific client. Simply type in the first few characters of the name and press Enter or click findbutton. The more characters entered, the more accurate the Locator will be.


A unique name, up to 50 characters long, which ResSched uses to identify each listed client.

Use color

Display the color associated with client

Show color block

Use the same background and font colors as the graphical schedules,  otherwise use the background color of schedules as the font color.  Only applies if Use Color is on.

selectico Select

Select the highlighted client

Addico Add  

Creates a new client entry.

openico Open  

Opens the client record to view details or make changes.

deleteico Delete  

Delete the highlighted client from ResSched.

printoneico Print 1  

Prints the information about the highlighted client.

printico Print All  

Prints the information about all clients.