Browse Conflicts Window




Available to Resource and System Administrators of the Corporate Edition,  shows all the resource scheduling conflicts that have been accepted by users for the resources of a specified resource group for a specified period.    The conflicts are list by resource in chronological order.   Click thedisplayico Display button to show the conflicts.  The printico button prints the list of conflicts shown.



Resource Group

The resource group with the resources that may have conflicts to be shown. Select a resource group by clicking browseico

Display from

Start date of the display period.  The current date is the default. Use the calbutton buttons to call a look-up calendar for selecting the dates.


The end date of the display period.   ResSched uses the Browse Period setting in User Preferences to determine the default end date.  





Start / End

The start and end date times of the bookings that have conflicts.


The resource that has the conflicts.


The booking name.


The client for whom the booking has been made