Browse Users - Multiple Select Window

The Browse Users - Multiple Select window is used to select general, reserve, or view only users.  It is use to authorize users for resources, resource groups, or to make them part of user groups. Only Resource Administrators and System Administrators can use this window.   When called to select which users can book a resource, the list is limited to general and reserve users.  Otherwise, general, reserve, and view only users are included.


Several users can be selected at one time. You select users by clicking on each.  After selecting the desired users, click the OK button to add them to the list of users for the resource or group.







User Name

A unique name, up to 80 characters, which ResSched uses to identify each user.

Last Name

The last name (optional) of the user.

First Name

The first name (optional) of the user.


The user's department.




selectallico Select All

Selects all the users in the list.

clearallico Clear All

Deselects all the users that have been selected so far.