Client, Create Invoice


To create invoices to be sent to clients, click Client>Invoice Clients to call the Invoice Clients window.


1. Click the Calendar button beside the From data field to open the Calendar window and then select a date. Repeat for the To data field.


2. Type in the Name and Address of the payee, as well as the Starting Invoice#, Tax Rate and Currency.


3. Click the Include Detail check box if you want the bill to include the details about booked resources.


4. Click the Print Preview check box if you want to preview the bill before it is printed.


5. Select one or more Clients. Use the Tag All button if all clients are to pay the same payee. (Use the Clear All button if previously tagged clients are to be untagged.)


6. Click the Print button.


Note: Many organizations have unique or complicated invoicing requirements.  If your organization does, you may wish to use the ODBC driver that is issued with the ResSched Corporate license to generate invoices using ResSched data in other applications.