Used to create combination group, the Create Combination Group window is called by the ComboButton button.  Combination groups can be used to filter resources based on different criteria, show the combine resources of several groups, or to display schedules of individually selected resources together.




Name of combination group

The name that will show on your schedules and reports


Groups Tab

Used to create a combination group from other resource groups


Resources must be in ALL these groups

To be included in the Combination group,  a resource must be included in all of the groups listed here.  Each of the groups acts as a criteria.

Resources must be in at least ONE of these groups.

Creates a list of all the resources that are in any of the groups.


Addico Add

Calls the Browse Resource Groups - Multiple Select window for the user to select resource groups for the lists.


deleteico Delete

Deletes the highlighted resource group from the associated list.


Resources Tab

Used to create a combination group of user selected resources.


List of resources selected for the combination group.

Addico Add

Calls the Browse Resource - Multiple Select window to select the resources.

deleteico Delete

Remove selected resource from the combination group