Entries, Set Default


System Administrators can create system wide default entries that users can use when creating bookings.  These entries include: start time, duration, client, resource, booking name, and category.   Except for view only users,  all users can create their own set of default entries for their personal use.


For a System Administrator to set system-wide default entries:


1. Select File>System Settings to call the Update System Settings window.


2. On the User Settings tab,  enter any changes in the Default Entries section.


3. Click the Apply to Existing Users button to replace the default start times of all users with this one.


Except for view only users, individual users may create their own personal default Start Time for bookings as follows:


1.Select File>User Preferences from the main menu to call the Update User Preferences window.


2.On the Default Entries tab, enter any changes.


3.        Click the OK button.