First Use

Host Address and Port


When you start ResSched for the first time, you will get this screen asking for the host address and port number.  If you are using the machine that is to hold your data, simply accept localhost and port 2339 by clicking OK or pressing Enter.





Leave the Connect without confirming...  check box turned off until you are certain that ResSched is working properly.



Connection Failed Message


If you get the Connection Failed message it means the client program did not get a response from the server program.  The most likely causes are:


1.The SoftVelocity IP Data Server service is not running on the server.  The setup program installed this service and tried to start it, but it may have been unsuccessful.  On the server, use Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services, to start the service.


2.Your firewall is blocking connection.  Create an exception either for ipreq.exe located in your data folder (by default, C:\ClarionDataServer).





ResSched uses 'FIRST USER' as the initial user ID with a password of 'FIRST PASS'.  Use this user id to create other user ID's to start.  Be sure at least one other System Administrator user ID has been set up and tested before deleting the 'FIRST USER' ID.


Registry Key


ResSched saves connection entries in the Registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Madrigal\ResSched\IPDriver.   Terminal Server applications like Citrix may stop remote workstations from changing Registry keys.    The key can be edited manually on the server.  The key entries and default values are:


hostname                localhost

port                        2339

SkipConfirmAddress        0




If you have any difficulty installing or using any version of ResSched,  e-mail us at  Or call us  1.888.291.2911 (U.S. and Canada) or at 1.250.733.2570 (International).