Import Data

Corporate Edition Only


ResSched allows you to import data about clients and resources from outside the program.    Only system administrators can access this function using File>Import Data.   Your source files must be named IMPORTCLIENT.CSV and IMPORTRESOURCE.CSV, and be located in your server folder, (C:\ClarionDataServer by default).  


The import function loops through the source file adding the information for each record where the client or resource is not already in ResSched.  If a client or resource already exists by that unique name, the import function replaces the existing ResSched record with the one in the source file. The import function does not delete records.  You can delete resource or client records ResSched using the appropriate ResSched functions.


Strict conditions apply to importing data:


There must be no other users using ResSched at the time.


You should do a backup before importing data.


The source file is comma delimited ASCII and can be either .txt or .csv.


Empty fields must still have a comma to mark their place if any of the fields that come afterwards contain data.  If not, they can be left off altogether.


If a field's content has a comma in it, the entire field must be placed within double quotes.


Each record in the source file must be on one line.


          Carriage returns and line feeds can not be included in any field


The fields in the source records must follow a precise order.


The order and attributes of the fields for the Client record are:




Client                 Up to 50 characters. A required field. Name must be unique.


Contact         Up to 30 characters.


Phone           Up to 20 characters.


Other                   Up to 20 characters.


E-mail         Up to 50 characters.


Mobile                   Up to 20 characters.


Misc                   Up to 30 characters.


Address         Up to 200 characters, but without carriage return/line feed.


Notes                   Up to 2,000 characters, but without carriage return/line feed.



For the Resource records:


Resource               Up to 30 characters. A required field. Name must be unique.


Units                   Numeric. Defaults to 1 if no number is present.


Authorize All Book         Numeric. 1 - lets all general and reserve users book this resource; 0 - general and reserve users must be specified. Defaults to 0.


Authorize All ViewNumeric. 1- let all general, reserve, and view only users view this resource;0 - general, reserve, and view only users must be specified.  Defaults to 0.  If Authorize Book All is 1,  all general and reserve users can view this resource regardless of Authorize View All.


Rate                   Numeric with two decimal places. For minute, quarter hour, half hour, hourly and  daily rate.


Rate Period             Numeric. 0 - hourly; 1 - daily; 2- by minute; 3 - by quarter hour; 4 - by half hour. Defaults to 0.


Notes                   Up to 1000 characters, but without carriage return/line feed.


Misc                   Up to 20 characters.  




Here are some examples of correct and incorrect import source records:


Correct client source records


ABC Company,"Smith,Bill",(123) 456 7890,(123) 456 0987,


ABC Company,Bill Smith,(123) 456 7890,,


ABC Company,,,,



Incorrect client source records


ABC Company,Smith,Bill,(123) 456 7890

Reason: Contact field has comma but field not in quotes


ABC Company,"Smith,Bill",(123) 456 7890,

Reason: Missing Other field between phone and e-mail  



Correct resource source records


S CEDAR RM,,,,50.00,0

This is an individual resource that is charged out at $50.00 per hour



A pooled resource of 10 folding tables that any general user can book



Incorrect resource source records



Reason: First comma has displaced all the fields