Invoice Clients Window

The Invoice Clients window is used to generate a paper bill for billing purposes.  It is only available with the Corporate Edition license.  Only Resource and System administrators can invoice clients.





A list of current clients. Click on the ones you want to invoice.


The Start Date of the period to be covered.


The End Date of the period to be covered.

Pay to

Name of party sending the invoice or who is to be paid by the client.

Payment Address

Address where payment is to be sent.

Tax 1 Name and Rate

A first tax name and rate (expressed as percentage).

Tax 2 Name and Rate

A second tax name and rate (expressed as percentage).

Starting Invoice #

An internal record-keeping detail.


The national currency in which payment is to be made.

Discount Rate

Discount rate that can be applied to all items on the invoice.

Include Detail

Includes information that is displayed on the Detail tab of the Utilization by Client window.

Print Preview

Check this box if you wish to see how the document will look before it is printed.

Include clients without billable time

Produce an invoice for all selected clients even if some of them have either not used any chargeable resources.

Use Actual Times

If Actual Times has been enabled in System Settings, you can check this box to use the actual times, instead of the scheduled times.

selectallico Select All

Selects all the clients on the list.

clearallico Clear All

Deselects all clients.


Note: Many organizations have unique or complicated invoicing requirements.  If your organization does, you may wish to use the ODBC driver that is issued with the ResSched Corporate license to generate invoices using ResSched data in other applications.