Log In - Start ResSched

Click on the ResSched shortcut, either on your desktop or throught the Windows Start button.


Enter the IP address and port number of your server.   Your system administrator can tell you these.  If your workstation is also your server, by default the IP address is localhost and the port number is 2339.  The address and port are saved between sessions. Once users have confirmed that the connection works,  they can opt to connect without entering the address and port.


All update access users must have unique user names.  User names and initial passwords are created by the System Administrator.


Enter your user name and password in the log-in window and click OK.


The initial user ID shipped with ResSched is 'FIRST USER' with a password of 'FIRST PASS'.  After creating and testing a new system administrator ID (access level 4), the FIRST USER ID  should be removed.