ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity)

ResSched supports Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC). ODBC allows customers to use their own database managers, spreadsheets, and other applications to generate reports and analysis using ResSched data.  To access ResSched data from other applications, you must have the 32 bit ODBC driver for TopSpeed data files. ResSched Corporate Edition licensees received a single-user, read-only ODBC driver as part of their download archive.


To install the ODBC driver on a workstation:


1.Run TS-ODBC-RO-505.exe that was sent in the download archive.  The name of this file may change from  time to time but it will always include ODBC.


2.Enter your name, your organization's name, and the serial number provided your in the license e-mail sent with your download link.


3.Click the Next button until you are finished the installation.




To configure the ResSched data file as an ODBC data source:


1.From the Start button,  go to Control Panel and select Administrative Tools.
If you are using 64 bit versions of Windows 7 or Vista, instead of going through Control Panel/Administrative Tools,  you must run odbcad32.exe located in  the SysWOW64 folder in your Windows folder from the Command prompt (e.g., C:\>)



2.Select Data Sources (ODBC) and then click Add.        .




4.Enter your choice for name and description (the ones shown here are suggested). Use the TopSpeed Super File button to enter the full path of the resdata.tps file in your ResSched data folder, then click OK.


5.Click OK.



Some ODBC applications require special configuration of the data source.   The installation program has installed a Help file for the Soft Velocity ODBC driver on your work station.


The ODBC driver provided is a read only driver.   There is a read/write driver available as well, but because using this driver can corrupt your ResSched data, we only provide the read/write driver and its key on request.  


If you need to use the ODBC driver on more than one workstation, you must purchase additional licenses from Madrigal Soft Tools or, if you need four or more workstation licenses, from SoftVelocity Corporation.   If you order from SoftVelocity, make sure to use only the 32 bit read-only driver. Using the read/write driver risks making your data files unusable.


SoftVelocity Corporation