Automated PDF Schedule Generator

The Automated PDF Schedule Generator (APSG) is a separate program that automatically 'prints' specified  graphical and text schedules as pdf's to a specified location.  It is an easy way to make schedules available on a web server for non-ResSched users or the general public.  The APSG is only available with the Corporate Edition.


For its control windows and PDF file names, the APSG uses ResSched terms (Booking, Resource, Client, Category) rather than the labels you may have entered in ResSched System Settings.  Your labels are used in the PDF schedules themselves, however.  The PDF file name is created from the Report Type, Entity and Period Repeat.


The APSG must be kept running to generate the pdf's.        





Store Schedule PDF's in        

The location you want to store the schedule pdf's on your web server.

Refresh Every        

How often you want the schedules refreshed on your web server.  The range is every 1 minute to 23 hours 59 minutes.






Report Type        

The type of graphical or text schedule you want send to the web server, covering a day, week or month.


The resource, client, resource group, or category to be covered in the schedule.

Period Repeats        

How many consecutive day, week, or month schedules do you want sent to the web server with each refresh. For example, to generate the current and next months' schedules, you would enter 2.

Text Source        

What is shown as text in booking blocks of the graphical schedules.  Has no affect on the Text schedules.

Color Source        

What the colors of the booking blocks represent in the graphical schedules.  Has no affect on the Text schedules.








Calls the PDF Schedule Specification window to let you add a new pdf schedule to the list.


Lets you change the highlighted pdf schedule on the list.


Deletes the highlighted pdf schedule from the list.


Begin generating the specified pdf schedules.


Stop generating the pdf schedules and close the program.