Pooled Resource Availability Window

The Pooled Resource Availability window shows you how much of a pooled resource has been booked for all time slots in a selected week. For each time slot, the number of booked units is shown both in absolute numbers and as a percentage of the total units of the resource. When fewer than 50% of the available units are booked, the time slot is colored blue. Yellow is used when 50 to 99% of the units are booked, and red when 100% or more (greater than 100% means over booked) of the units are booked in the time slot.


The settings entered at the top of the window control the display. Initial settings are taken from Schedule settings in the Update User Preferences window.  If you change the settings, your new settings will be saved for your next session.

Click the displayico Display button to display the schedule.






The resource to be viewed.  Enter the name of the resource or click the downarrow button to select from a table of existing resources.

Display Automatically

If turned on, when this window opens the schedule will automatically be displayed using the last settings used.  When any of those settings are changed, the window will refresh the display.  If turned off,  you must use the displayicoDisplay button to show the schedule.

Week Includes  

A date in the week to be displayed. Enter the date or click the calbutton button to call a look-up calendar for selecting the date.  


Beginning and ending times of the regular work day.


Choosing a small time interval will allow you to see bookings for even short periods of time.


You can change the dimensions of the columns and rows.



To add a new booking, click the Add button or double click on the empty time slot you want. The Add/Update Booking window will appear with as much information entered as can be determined from the time slot you selected.