After installing ResSched, a system administrator can get ResSched ready for operation by general, reserve and view only users.


Setting users' access to resources and resource groups


The system administrator you can add resources and users and establish which users get book and view which resources.   ResSched lets you establish user access to resources when you are creating or editing a resource entry , or when creating or modifying a user record.  You can also specify which users can use which resource groups.  The user's right to use a resource group does not affect their right to book or view a particular resource in the group.


When creating or modifying a resource entry, can specify that the resource can be booked by all general or resserve users,  or viewed by all general, reserve, and view only users.  You can also select which general or reserve users can book and which general, reserve and view only users can view the resource.


When creating or modifying a user entry,  you can specify that a general or reserve user is able to book all resources or select the resources the user can book.  The same applies to general, reserve view only users' rights to view the resource.  You can also select which resource groups you the user can use.


Whether you choose to create your resources and then create your users or vice versa is up to you.  In general, if you plan to extensively limit users' rights to book or view resources, it is probably more efficient to create the users and any user groups you need before creating the resources.



System wide settings


There a few system settings that should be determined before you start operations.  See System Settings, Set.  One of the most important is determining whether your booking occurrences cross midnight.


You will want to set the work day times to reflect your organization's hours of operation.  These settings are on the User settings tab.  


You should also decide whether to let general users create new clients when they are making a booking.