Report Preview Window

The Report Preview window displays an image of the report or schedule you have requested. The window also gives you options for dealing with the report. The Print Preview does not appear if you have chosen to use MS Word® to generate text schedules or reports, or if you have left Preview unchecked in the Print Text Calendars window.








Print the schedule/report. Alternatively, you may click File>Print. You can also select which pages to print by clicking File>Pages to Print or the spin buttons in the Page box.


Exit without printing. Alternatively, choose File>Exit


Click this button to obtain various views of the report before printing.

Tile Pages

Displays pages tiled across the window. If you prefer to tile them down the window, click the spin button in the Down box.

Page Width

Fills the width of the window with the report.


Choose whichever view you desire from the choices of 50%, 75%, 100%, 200% and 300%

Save as pdf

Save this schedule/report as a pdf document. Alternatively, choose File>Save as pdf.

E-mail as pdf

Save this schedule/report as a pdf document and then call the default e-mail client.(Note: To ensure compatibility with the maximum number of potential e-mail clients, the pdf is not automatically attached to the message). Alternatively, choose File>Email as pdf.  





You can also choose how many copies you want to print.