Resource,  Add

Only Resource Administrators and System Administrators can use this function.


1.Select Resource>Add Resource from the main menu to call the Add/Update Resource window.


2.Enter a unique name for the resource you want to add.
3.If this is a pooled resource, check the Pooled box and enter the number of units of the resource available for booking.        


4.If you charge for the use of the resource, choose a rate and a usage period.


5.Specify who can book and who can view bookings for the resource.  All resource and system administrator are automatically authorized to book the resource.  Also, some general, reserve, and view only users may have been given the right to book or view all resources with their user ID.
If you wish to let general or reserve users book this resource, click the Who Can Book tab.  Click the 'All general users can book' check box if this is applicable, click the Add User button to call Browse Users - Multiple Select window to select the desired general users.
To give view only users, general and reserve users the right view the booking of the resource, click the Who Can View tab and do the same.   All general users who have the right to book a resource also have the right to view its bookings  
You can authorize all the general, reserve or view only users in a user group to book or view a resource by clicking the Add Group button and selecting the user group from the Browse User Groups window that appears.


6. You can associate colors with the resource by clicking the colorico button.


7.To add this resource to existing resource groups, Select the Resource Groups tab.  The Add button calls the Browse Groups - Multiple Select window to select the groups you want the resource to be part of.


8.        Click the OK button to save the resource information.