Resource, Change

Only System or Resource Administrators can use this function.


1.Select Resource>Browse Resources from the main menu. The Browse Resources window will appear.


2.Highlight the resource entry you want to change and click the Open button (or double click the entry). The Add/Update Resource window will appear.


3.Change the name, units of the resource, the rate and the rate period.


4.To give or remove the rights to book or view the resource to general, reserve and view only users, click the Who Can Book and Who Can View tabs.  Use the Add User button to add new users to the lists of authorized users, or highlight existing users and click Delete User to remove their authorization.  Be aware that general,reserve, and view only users may have the right to book or view all resources associated with their user ID.


5. You can associate color with the resource by clicking the colorico  button.  


6.        Click the OK button to save.