Resource Group, Change


Only Resource Administrators and System Administrators can use this function.


1.Select Resource>Resource Groups from the menu in the main window to call the Browse Resource Groups window.


2.Double click the resource group you want to change, or highlight the resource group and click the Open button. The Add/Update Resource Group window will appear.


3.        Change the name (if desired) in the Resource Group Name field.


4.To add new resources to the list, click the Add button. The Browse Resources - Multiple Select window will appear. Select the new resources you want by using the standard Windows procedure for selecting multiple items.


5.To delete a resource from the resource group, highlight the resource in the list box and click the Delete button.
6.Turn on 'Allow all users to use this resource group' if desired.   Otherwise, click the Users tab to select which users will be allowed to use this group.  Click the Add button to call the Browse Users - Multiple Select window to select the users. Note: Giving users the right to use a resource group does not affect their rights to book or view the resources in that group.


7.Click OK