Resource Group, Use Combination Groups

Wherever you see the ComboButton  button, you can use a combination group to view schedules or reports of resources that are filtered using different resource groups as criteria,  include all the resources of different groups,  or selected individually to be shown as a temporary group.  


1.Click the combo button to call the Create Combination Group window.


2.Enter a name for the combination group.
3.To create a combination group composed of resources from other resource groups,  choose the Groups Tab.   There two lists of resource groups: for resources that must be in ALL the resource groups listed; and for resources that must be in at least ONE of the resource groups listed.


4.Click Add button to call the Browse Resource Groups Multiple Select window select the resource groups that will be added to each list.


5.To create a combination group out of individually selected resources, choose the Resources Tab.


6.Click the Add button to select the resources using the Browse Resources Multiple Select


7.Click OK.


Combination groups are temporary.  They only last long enough to produce the desired schedule or report. If users are continually creating the same combination group, consider creating a normal resource group with the combination group's resources.