Resource Group Week Schedule Window

The Resource Group Week Schedule window displays all bookings for all the resources in a resource group or combination group for a selected week in a vertical format with day/time running down the window and the resources running across it.  Bookings are displayed as boxes at the intersections of the relevant day/time slots and resources. The length of the box is determined by the length of the booking. You can view or change the complete booking information by double clicking the box.


The settings entered at the top of the window control the display. Initial settings are taken from Schedule settings in the Update User Preferences window.  If you change the settings, your new settings will be saved for your next session.

Click the displayico Display button to display the schedule.




(image cropped for fit and visibility)


Color source:

Drop-down list to select whether the colors of the booking, resource, client, or booking status are used in the display.

Display Automatically:

If turned on, when this window opens the schedule will automatically be displayed using the last settings used.  When any of those settings are changed, the window will refresh the display.  If turned off,  you must use the displayicoDisplay button to show the schedule.

Resource Group:  

The resource group to be displayed. Click the Down Arrow button to select the resource group from a table of existing resource groups.


The Combo button lets you create a combination group to show the schedule of resources from different resource groups

Week includes:  

A date in the week to be displayed.  Enter the date directly or click the Calendar button calbutton to call a look-up calendar for selecting the date.


The start and end times of a regular work day.


The amount of time covered by a single row of the grid.


The text to be shown in the booked time slots.  You can choose among showing no text, the booking name, the client's name, or the first six letters of the booking and use the remaining space for the client's name.


You can change the dimensions of the columns and rows.


Select the font you want for the text by clicking the fontico button



To add a new booking, click the Add button or double click on the empty time slot you want. The Add/Update Booking window will appear with as much information entered as can be determined from the time slot you selected.


WARNING: If bookings overlap, the text in the boxes may be jumbled. When you click the overlapped area, only the booking details of the earliest booking for that area will be available. Overlapping occurs when bookings conflict or when a booking ends and another starts within the same time slot (e.g., one booking ends at 10:05 and another starts at 10:10, while the time slot covers 10:00 to 10:15).  Also, when two conflicting bookings end or start in the same time slot they may appear to be two adjacent non-conflicting bookings. When precise information on bookings is needed, click the Browse button to call the Browse Bookings window or use a timeline format. See: Timeline vs Vertical Display Format. for more information.