Schedule Options, Set


The Schedule settings can be adjusted to meet the user's preferences for the displayed time slots, the width of columns, the height of rows and the text in boxes that mark bookings.   ResSched also uses some of these settings to generate drop-down lists from which users may make selections.  


System Settings contains a default schedule settings that are used for every new user created.  


When viewing an individual schedule for the first time, initial settings are taken from your User Preferences.   You can change these settings in the Schedule window and these changes will be saved between sessions.


1.Select File>User Preferences from the main menu to call the Update User Preferences window. Click the Schedule tab.


2.        Select and adjust the setting you wish to change.


Begin work dayEnter the normal start time of the work day. Bookings made before this time will all be in a time slot labeled 'Before' and this time.


End work DayEnter the normal end time of the work day. Bookings made after this time will all be in a time slot labeled 'After' and this time.


IntervalEnter how much time should be covered with each time slot of a schedule.


WidthHow wide the columns are for some of the Schedules. The wider the column, the greater the amount of booking information that can be included in the time slot box, but the fewer the resources that can be viewed at the same time or printed on one page. Width is measured in 'Dialog units' that are roughly equal to 4 dialog units per character.


HeightHeight is for the time slot rows shown in Schedules. The lower the height, the more time slots that can be accommodated in a window, but the harder it is to read them.


TextText is the text information that will be displayed in the time slot box of a Schedule. Select between booking name, client, or mixing both (the first six characters of the booking followed by the client), or no text at all.


3.        Click the OK button.