Special Days, Set


To add, change or delete special day periods:


1.Select File>System Settings from the main menu to call the Update System Settings window. Click the Special Days tab


2.To add a special days period, click the Add button to call the Add/Update Special Day Period window. Enter the description of the period, its start date and its end date, and then click the OK button.


Use the Change button to modify the selected special day period and the Delete button to delete the selected special day period.


Madrigal Soft Tools offers files five years of public holidays for some countries. To add these holidays as special days, place the file in the same directory where you have your ResSched data and click the Add File button. Review your new special days to ensure they include the public holidays of your specific location and to remove any duplicates for special days you may have entered previously.


You can obtain these files from our Web site at: http://www.madrigalsoft.com