Trouble Shooting

'Cannot Connect to Server' Message


The ResSched client program cannot access the data files on the server.  The most likely causes of this problem are:


1.The client program is trying to connect to the wrong IP address/DNS name or port for the server.   Remedy: On the server, double check that the IP address and port are right by running (As Administrator) the IP Server Administrator program in the ResSched server program group.  If the client user has set the ResSched client to connect without confirming the IP address and port,  use the ChangeIP address program on the client to change the address and port.
2.The firewalls on either the server or the client machines are blocking the connection. Remedy: On the server, if the firewall is on make sure there is an exception for IPReq.exe normally located in C:\ClarionDataServer.  In some instances a firewall make block the outbound calls from the client workstations.  In such cases, allow resschm.exe found in Program Files\Madrigal\ResSched as an exception


3.The Soft Velocity Data Server service is not running on the server. Remedy: On server, run (as administrator) the IP Server Administrator to start or, if necessary, install the service.
4.You have not installed the server components of ResSched on the server yet. Remedy: Run the ResSched setup file and choose the 'Server' install option.


5.You may need to restart the server machine.                


'Action Cancelled' page shown when calling Help in ResSched


A security fix by Microsoft initially disallows compiled Help files (.chm) from running when the file is located a different machine from the one being used.  If you are using shortcuts to access ResSched from another machine you may have this problem.  Chm files can be called from a remote machine by adding a Registry entry for a specified chm file from a specified location.   The ResSched installation program does this for you, but if you are creating the ResSched shortcuts manually,  or change the Start in property of the ResSched shortcut after you have installed, you will have edit the entry manually using Regedit.


The Registry key to change is




Create or change the string value UrlAllowList       to     \\hostname\sharename\ressched.chm;file://;

where hostname and sharename refer to the machine and path to the folder with ressched.chm.


If you do not understand the information above, seek help.  Changing Registry entries can affect how ResSched and other software runs


Some Bookings Are Not Visible for Some Users


View, reserve and general users do not automatically have rights to view bookings for all resources. System Administrators can give these users the rights to view all or specific resources using the Add/Update Users window.  Or, System Administrators and Resource Administrators can make individual resources available to some or all users using the Add/Update Resource window.


Date Format Isn't Right


Dates don't fit properly in some functions.


ResSched uses your Windows settings for date formats. For browsing or other situations where space is tight, the Windows short format is used. Where space is available, such as in displaying entry fields, the Windows long format is used. Select your date format from the Windows Control Panel.


Authorizing General or Reserve Users To Book Specific Resources


General or Reserve Users have been added to ResSched, but each time they try to book a resource they are informed that they are not authorized to make that booking.


Before a general or reserve user can book a resource, he or she must be authorized by a System Administrator or Resource Administrator to do so.  You can authorize users for resources from either the user properties or the resource properties.


From the user properties:


1.Open the user entry with Add/Update Users window, accessed from File>Users>Add/Edit Users. Only a System Administrator can change user properties.
2.If the user is to be allowed to book all resources,  click the Authorize for All Resources check box.
3.If the general user is to be allowed to book only some resources, click the Book Resources tab and click the Add button to select resources with the Browse Resources Multiple Select window

From the resource properties


1.Open the resource record with the Add/Update Resource window, accessed from Resources>Browse Resources. Click the Who Can Book tab, then click the Add button to call the Browse Users - Multiple Select window to select the General or Reserve users.


Schedules called with the Toolbar Buttons have the Wrong Orientation - Vertical/Calendar or Timeline


The toolbar buttons that call schedules use the vertical or time line orientation last selected using the Schedules menu.  A check mark indicates last orientation selected.


Changes to Client or Resource Entries are not Showing up


Resource or Systen Administrators make changes to resource or client records but users don't see the changes.


When Cache Resources on Start up or Cache Clients on Start up are turned on in System Settings,  the resource and client information used is only updated when the user restarts ResSched.


'OLE Automation Error cannot be found' error message


The user sees this message when they are trying to print a report using MS Word.


ResSched can't find the Word template file (.dot) or stylesheet (ResSchedStyle.rtf usually). Remedy: Go to File>Word Setup>Document Templates. For each report you want to run, click the LookupButton beside the relevant template and style sheet entry and pick the approprate Word template and style sheet .rtf file.  This will fill in the complete path to the files in the entries so ResSched can find them.