Add/Update Client Window

Use the Add/Update Client window to create or view client information.   As well as system and resource administrators, general users can create client records if System Settings allow it.


The Add button lets you add several clients without having to reopen the window for each one. Simply enter the new client and click the Add button. Then repeat the process for each new client.







A unique client name is the only information required by ResSched

Contact Person

You can include the name of a contact person in a client organization, as well as the phone number, mobile, e-mail, and mailing address for the client.


Use colorico to select a color for this client.  If no color is selected, the color associated with the 'normal' booking status (status level 0) is used whenever a schedule Color Source is Client.  The No Color button removes any previously selected color.  How the colors are displayed in browse bookings and schedules are shown.





Include any special information about the client in this free-form text section. If Notes are present, the label of the Notes tab turns red.