Update User Preferences Window

ResSched allows individual users to tailor the way information is entered and displayed. When a new user is created, the initial values for his preferences are taken from the System Settings. This window is not available to view only users.


To speed up information entry when booking resources,  ResSched lets users establish default and routine values for many of its booking entry fields. When making a new booking, the default values are automatically displayed, and the routine values are available from drop-down lists. Users can accept or change any of these values when making a booking. Each user can maintain his own preference values for these entries, but the initial values for a new user are taken from the System Settings. System Administrators can also reset all these preferences to those in System Settings.




Default start time

This start time that is initially displayed when creating a booking. Set the default start time either near the middle of the active part of your organization's day or close to the time when many bookings are scheduled. The default start time is displayed in your Windows time format, but you can use any standard time format to enter it.

Default duration

The default duration is added to the start time to display a proposed end Time. If many of your bookings are for the same length of time, this feature saves having to enter that information. Use the Hours:Minutes format to enter the default duration or click the Down Arrow button to select a duration from the drop-down list.

Routine durations

You can add your own durations to list of routine durations  established by the System Administrator.  Routine durations can be selected from drop-down lists when making a booking.  This button lets you add or delete your own routine durations

Default booking

If many of your bookings have the same name, you can enter a default booking name which will be automatically displayed when creating a new booking. Enter the name directly or click the Down Arrow button to select a booking name from the current list of routine bookings.

Routine bookings

You can add to the list of routine booking names created by the System Administrator.  Routine bookings can be selected from a drop-down list when making a new booking.  This button calls the  A list of your currently specified routine bookings will appear, to which you can add other bookings by clicking the Add button, or you can change or delete one of the existing routine bookings.

Default resource

If one resource is being used for most bookings, you can make that resource the default.  The default resource will be added automatically to the list of resources when you start each new booking.   Click the Down Arrow button to select a resource as the default.

Default client

If one client is used for most bookings you can make that client the default.  The default client will be entered when start a new booking.  Click the Down Arrow button to select a client as the default.

Default category

If one category is used for most of your bookings you can make that category the default.   The default category will be entered when you start a new booking.  Click the Down Arrow button to select a category as the default.

Print In Color

Check this box if you want to print schedules in color.

Notify Me When Booking ...

When checked, ResSched will warn you when you try to make a booking for a weekend or outside the normal week day.  When weekend is checked, some schedules will limit the display to days of the work week.

Browse Period

Set the default number of days to be covered in when using the Browse Bookings window