Add/Update User Window

System administrators use the Add/Update User window is used to add new users to ResSched or administer access for existing users. It is called only from the Browse Users - Single Select window






User Name

A unique user identifier, up to 80 characters long.

Last Name

The last name of the person, up to 20 characters.

First Name

The first name of the person, up to 20 characters.


The department or organization where the user works. Up to 40 characters.


The user's password is displayed as '*'s.  Up to 10 characters long, it must be entered exactly the same way twice.

Access Level

Radio buttons that assign the user's access level.

View (Read Only) user

User may only view bookings and resource information for which they have been authorized.  The lowest level of access.

Reserve User

Like a general user, a reserve user can book resources they have been approved for, but they can only book with one status level.  The status level and associated colors are  set in System Settings.  Reserve users cannot modify their bookings after they have been confirmed by a resource or system administrator,  but they can delete them.

General User

Users may book resources if they have been approved to do so by a Resource Administrator or System Administrator.  

Resource Administrator

User may add or change resource, resource group, client, or category information, including which users may book or view which resources.  

System Administrator

User can add or change users and access rights, resources, program defaults and settings. The highest level of access.  System administrators do not need further authority to book or view resources, or to use groups so authorizing tabs and check boxes are disabled.



Suspended for too many password failures  

If users have exceeded the maximum number of password failures, their access is suspended, and this box is checked.

Authorized to book all resources  

Authorize this general or reserve user to book any resource.  When checked, the 'Authorize to view all resources' check box as well as the 'Book resources' and 'View resources' tabs are disabled because any entries would be redundant.

Authorized to view all resources

This check box is enabled for general, reserve and view only user. When checked, it disables the 'View resources' tab.

Authorized to use all resource groups

Allows this general, reserve, or view only user to use all the resource groups.  The right to use a resource group does not in any affect the user's rights to view or book the resources in a group.  When checked, the Resource Groups tab is disabled.




Free-form text for comments on this user account.







This tab lists all the resources a general or user is authorized to book.  This tab mirrors the list of users shown Who can Book tab of the Add/Update Resource window.


Addico Add

Calls the Browse Resources - Multiple Select window to choose the resources for the list.

deleteico Delete

Removes a selected resource from the list.

adgroupicoAdd resource group

Adds all the resources in a resource group to the list.

deletgroupicoDelete resource group

Deletes all the resources in a resource group from the list.  




Same as the Book Resources Tab, but establishes the users right to view the bookings of the selected resources.  Applies to view only, reserve, and general users.  If a user has authority to book a resource, they have authority to view the resource's bookings without being listed here.  This tab mirrors the list of users shown Who can View tab of the Add/Update Resource window.





The list of resource groups the user can use.  The user's rights to book or view the resources of the group are controlled by the Book Resources and View Resources tabs.  So, while this user can display a schedule of the ROOMS group,  the schedule will include only those resources in the ROOMS group that the user has authority to view.




The Addico Add button calls the Browse Group Multiple Select window to choose the resource groups for the list.  The deleteico Delete button removes the selected resource group from the list.


This tab mirrors the list of users in the Users tab of the Add/Update Resource Group window