Use Multiple Data Sets

Corporate Edition licensees can support multiple data sets from the same server.  Each data set has its own resources, clients, bookings, and users independent of all the other data sets.


For each data set you want to support:


1.Make a new folder under the main data folder on your server (C:\ClarionDataServer by default).


2.Copy the IP_ResSched.dll and syslic.tps to each new folder.  You can copy the users.tps file as well, if you want to give some or all of those users access to the other data set.  


3.Register the IP_ResSched.dll in the new folder, as described in Changing Server Settings.


4.Start ResSched normally but when asked for the Host address and port number, enter the name of the new folder (just the name, not the path) as the Sub Directory. Note: Existing users may have turned on the Connect without confirming host address and port option.  If so, they must use the Change IP Address program in the ResSched program group change the address, port or subdirectory.


5.If you have not copied the users.tps file, you will have to use the "FIRST USER" id and "FIRST PASS" password to create a new system administrator id for yourself so you can create ids for the other users.


6.Instruct the users of the new data set to put the name of the new folder in the Sub Directory field when they go to use the new data set for the first time.  You can include the subdirectory in the command line of a ResSched shortcut.  Set the target property to:
"C:\ResSched Corporate\resschm.exe" subdirectory=yoursubdirectory .



Under your license every individual who your organization permits to update ResSched must have their own unique user ID and the total number of unique update access user id's for all data sets must not exceed the number covered in your license.