ResSched lets you give different access rights for different ResSched functions to individual users. Access levels are grouped by user function, rather than rights to specific files or records. There are five categories of user: System Administrator, Resource Administrator, General User, Reserve, and View-Only.   All users types except View-Only are considered update access users for the purposes of your license.



System Administrators (Access level 4)


Having the highest level of access rights, System Administrators can add and change user information, including access rights, passwords, and access suspension. Also, they can change any of the program-wide restrictions, defaults and settings for entering and displaying information. System Administrators can also set up user groups. These are lists of general, reserve, or view only users that can be used to give or remove booking authority for specific resources. System Administrators have all the rights of other users. Because System Administrators have the "keys to the kingdom", you should keep the number of users with System Administrator rights to a minimum.



Resource Administrators (Access level 3)


Resource Administrators are a special class of user who control access to resources. They add, change and delete resources from ResSched. Their most important job is determining which general users can book specific resources. Also, they can override booking locks, and create and edit resource groups of resources. Each Resource Administrator has access to all resources entered in ResSched, so some care should be taken in giving users this level of access.



General User (Access level 2)                


General Users can book or view a resource if they have been approved by a Resource or System Administrator for that resource. General Users can also create or change client entries, if the System Settings have been set to allow it.



Reserve User (Access level 1)


Reserve Users are like general users, but with more limitations.  They can only use one status type,  so you can see at a glance which bookings are by reserve uses and which are by other user types.   They cannot change the details of their bookings after that booking has been modified (confirmed) by a Resource Administrator, but they can delete the booking. They can be prohibited from seeing the details of any other bookings but their own (see System Settings).



View only user (Access level 0)        


As the name implies, these users are only allowed to view booking and resource information of the resources for which they have been approved.


When ResSched is started for the first time, it creates a user with a name of 'FIRST USER' and a password of 'FIRST PASS'.   This user ID has System Administrator level access. Use this user name and password to enter at least one other System Administrator user and then delete the 'FIRST USER' user after testing the new ID.