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DELEGATOR™  – Information for Current users

If you are using a version of DELEGATOR before 4.0, you must convert your data. You may wish to print this page as reference for converting.

1.Backup all your current DELEGATOR data and program files.
[VERY IMPORTANT! Take note of the location of your current DELEGATOR data folder (the Start in property of your DELEGATOR shortcut)

2. Download and run the setup.exe from below and respond to the queries. By default DELEGATOR installs into the folder ‘C:\DELEGATOR’ which may be different from where you have DELEGATOR now. Enter the current location of your data folder as the new data folder

3. Use the Shortcut to run the new DELEGATOR version. You will be asked if you want to convert your data. Assuming you have made a backup of your data files, click Yes. Enter the location of your ResSched data files (*.tps) and which version you are converting from and then click Convert. Note: If your data files are located in the C:\Program Files hierarchy they may not convert properly. Create another folder, copy the data files to it, and then run the conversion program.

5. For each workstation that has the DELEGATOR program files installed on it, repeat step 2. For each worstation that is running DELEGATOR program files from the server, change the Target property of the DELEGATOR shortcut to delegatm.exe in the DELEGATOR program folder on the server.


Download Delegator 4.21  Update

Download 4.21 with this link: DLGLicensedSetup.exe

If you can't download this file or encounter any other problem, please call us at 1 888 291 2911 (1 250 388 4676 outside North America).

If it has been less than a year since you licensed DELEGATOR or last bought a new release, this release is free. If it has been more than a year since you licensed DELEGATOR, you will be reminded to purchase an update your license for this release when you run it. You can update your license for a full year of DELEGATOR releases for only 20% of the liset price. Click on the link below to order your update on line or call us at 1 888 291 2911 (U.S and Canada) or 1 250 388 4676. See About DELEGATOR in the Help menu to check the number of users currently licensed.

Order online here

To add more users to your DELEGATOR License, click here.

If you learn better with a hard copy manual than with on line help, dowload the Delegator printed manual in pdf format. You can print off the entire manual for your reference. If you don't already have the Adobe Acrobat reader, download the latest version from Adobe for free.

Download DELEGTOR manual

For More Information, go to the main DELEGATOR page