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ResSched™ 9.914– Information for Current users

Information, downloads and links to help current ResSched licensees and evaluators update to release 9.914. 

Special Note: ResSched is not affected by the HeartBleed problem

Please refer to the ResSched Main Page for detailed information on ResSched itself, or see Features by Release for the new features added.

Eligible to update to version 9.914

:You are eligible to update to release 9.914 if:

  1. You bought a new license for ResSched less than one year ago.
  2. You extended or reinstated your new updates and technical support coverage less than one year ago. Click for more information.
  3. You are using ResSched in trial mode.
Updating to version 9.914

To update your Corporate or Standard Edition of ResSched to 9.914:

  1. Backup your data files (*.tps)
  2. Download Corporate Edition setup below and run it on the Windows machine that will act as the server.
  3. Choose the 'Server' setup type
  4. Copy your existing resdata.tps, users.tps, and syslic.tps files into the new data folder setup created on the server (usually C:\ClarionDataServer)
  5. If you are updating from before release 9.2, run convold.exe in the server data folder and specify the data folder as the location of the data and the version you are converting from.
  6. Run the setup program on each worstation, choosing 'Workstation Setup' as the setup type; or use the 'Shortcuts only' setup type if the program files are all located on another machine in the workgroup.
  7. Tell each user the IP address of the server and the port used (2339 by default)

ResSched Web module users should update to release 1.5+ of the Web module if they want to use release 9.9+


These setup files are available for existing ResSched users

Corporate Edition Latest Release

Standard Edition Latest Release

For clients with custom accessory programs

If you purchased a custom accessory programs used with earlier releases of ResSched, please contact us to arrange for it to be converted to work with version 9.911. There is no charge to convert these programs but your technical support coverage must be current.

 Extend or Reinstate Technical Support and Updates

One year of technical support and program updates came with your original license. If it has been more than one year since you purchased your license or last support/updates coverage, you will be prompted to extend or reinstate your support and updates each time you run the new version of ResSched.

You must know the number of update users you have licensed and whether you have the unlimited view only user option. You can get this information by looking at About ResSched under Help in the ResSched main menu. If you are still not sure, please call us at 1.888.291. 2911 or 1.250.733.2570, or e-mail us at

Extend existing support and updates coverage

If your coverage is current or it has been less than 30 days since your coverage expired, you can extend your technical support and program updates for an additional year for just 20% of your original license fee.

Click here to extend support for your Standard Edition license.

Click here to extend support for your Corporate Edition license.

Reinstate lapsed support and updates coverage

If it has been more 30 days since your technical support and program updates expired, the cost of reinstating technical support and program updates is 40% of your original license fee.

You can add additional Update Access users or add an Unlimited View Only users by following these links: 

Standard Edition
Add Update Access Users
Add Unlimited View Only Users
Add Both

Corporate Edition
Add Update Access Users
Unlimited View Only Users
Add Both

5 Year U.S. Special Days file

Add five years worth of commonly observed U.S. public holidays to your ResSched Special Days list. Simply download the data file speca.tps into your ResSched data directory/folder. Then go into ResSched System Preferences - Special Days, click on Add File, and select speca.tps. Please note this list of special days is neither comprehensive nor localized. After adding the file, review your list of special days to make sure it reflects your circumstances

Download the file SPECA.TPS.

If you learn better with a hard copy manual than with on line help, download the ResSched printed manual in pdf format. You can print off the entire manual for your reference. If you don't already have the Adobe Acrobat reader, download the latest version from Adobe for free.

Download ResSched manual ResSchedManual.pdf (1266K)

Download FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files 

For More Information
To learn more about ResSched, order a licensed copy, or download a free 30-day evaluation version, visit the product page, ResSched 9.911