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The on line tutorials below will help you get started with ResSched. These tutorials cover the basic functions of ResSched in simple, easy to follow examples. To view these 'movies' click on the title links below. You can pause, skip ahead, or go back using the DVD type controls below each demo. General information on the topic is presented in aqua boxes while instructions are in rounded cream boxes.

ResSched offers many more features and options than those covered by the tutorials. These features and options are described in depth in the Help file included with ResSched and in the pdf of the manual which you can download. See the How do I...? and the Display, Update, and Control Windows chapters.

We recommend you view these tutorials in the order listed, but it is not essential.

Add a user

Explains the different types of users.

Demonstrates how to create a user id and how to give the user authority to book or view all or specific resources.

Add a resource

Defines a resource.

Explains the difference between individual and pooled resources.

Demonstrates how to create a resource including setting charge out rates.

Shows how to let all or just selected users book or view a resources.

Add a client Defines a client.

Demonstrates how to create a client.
Add a booking Defines a booking.

Demonstrates how to create a booking.

Shows how to make a booking repeat.
Resource groups Defines resource groups.

Explains their fexibility

Demonstrates their use in viewing and making bookings.
Browse bookings Demonstrates how to generate a text listing of bookings for a specified period.

Shows how to limit the list those bookings of a specified resource, client, resource group, or category.
View graphical schedules

Defines graphical schedules.

Explains the difference between vertical and timeline layout.

Demonstrates how to generate both vertical and timeline schedules.

Demonstrates how to insert a new booking into an empty time slot and how to drag an existing booking into a new time slot.

Explains how to switch the default layout used by the tool bar buttons from vertical to timeline.

Conflict checking

Demonstrates how ResSched checks for conflicts for all new or changed bookings.

Shows how to accept a conflict if desired.

Print schedules

Shows how to set User Preferences to support printing in color.

Demonstrates how to print graphical Scan schedules from the display windows.

Demonstrates how to print a detailed text schedule with different options.

Shows how to save a printed schedule as a pdf instead printing to paper

System Settings

Demonstrates how to access system settings for ResSched.

Points out some of the more important settings available.