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Bookings - Organization Settings



Booking Occurrence Can Cross Midnight

Used for 24 hour operations or those that routinely book resources for multiple continuous days.   Read this before turning this option on.

Maximum Days in a Single Occurrence

Enter the maximum number of continuous, round the clock days a single occurrence of the booking may take. Must be greater than 1.  Not the same thing as days between the first occurrence and last occurrence of a repeat booking. Conditional: ...Can Cross Midnight is ON

Default Start Time

For new bookings. Most common time for bookings to start.

Default Duration

For new bookings. Most common duration of a booking.

Allow Repeat Bookings By

Limit which users can make repeat bookings by user access level.

General Users Can Change Bookings of Others

Allow general users to change the bookings made by other users.

Hide Booking Detail From:

When displaying bookings by other users, the detail shown can be restricted by user access level.  When the detail is restricted only the date/time and resource are shown. Does not apply to resource and system administrators.

Allow private bookings.

Allow users to make bookings that show only date and time to other users. Does not apply to resource and system administrators.

Hide Notes/URLs

Hide the notes or URLS associated with a booking from other users. Can apply to combinations of view only, reserve and general users. Administrators can always see notes and URLs.

Max.Time For Booking

Maximum duration of booking occurrence made by reserve and general users. In hours and minutes, 0 time is no limit   Does not apply to resource and system administrators.

Max. Days in Advance for Booking

Maximum number of days in the future reserve and general users are able to make bookings. 0 days is no limit. Does not apply to resource and system administrators.

Max. Days in Advance for Viewing

Maximum number of days in the future view only and reserve users can view schedules. Does not apply to general users or administrators.

Disallow changes to past bookings

Reserve and general users cannot make changes to any booking scheduled for the past. Does not apply to resource and system administrators.

Enable actual times

Allow users to record actual times for a booking as well as scheduled time.

Miscellaneous Field for Booking

Add a simple text field to the entity record. Optional - Record can have an entry in the field. Required -  Every record must have an entry in the field. If optional or required, you must give the field a label.



Enable Setup Cleanup

Allows users to assign setup and clean up time for bookings.     These times are shown in different colors from the booking and are included in resource conflict checking.  Setup and cleanup times apply to all the resources of the booking. Individual resources can have minimum setup and cleanup times which must be accommodated in any booking that uses those resources. Enter the default setup and cleanup times and a color for each.  If Bookings Can Cross Midnight has been turned on, days can be included in the setup or cleanup times.



Include Location

Include location information on Add/Update Booking page.

Default Location

Source of initial location information loaded for new bookings.  Sources can be the primary resource of the booking, the client, or a specified address immediately below.  Left to 'None', no initial location will be loaded

Include Map

Include a map in the booking information. Enterprise Option only. Include Location must be on.


Routine Bookings


Routine bookings are a list of commonly used booking names that appear at the top booking name drop list to reduce key strokes and improve consistency. These are simple text entries. Changing a routine booking entry do not change any of the booking names made prviously. Click the Add Routine Booking button to create a new routine booking.