Booking Activity Log

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Booking Activity Log

The booking activity log lets system administrators view who created, changed or deleted bookings and when. Bookings can be filtered by date, action, and entity to identify specific bookings.


Select Administratrion>Activity Log from the main menu.


Booking Log Page


From/To Dates

Start and end of the period to be viewed.

Limit To:

Limit bookings to just those of a specific entity (resource, client, user, booking ID)  or to all the bookings in the period.  If limited to an entity, you must select or enter the name or ID of the entity.

Action Type:

Display all activity for the bookings, or just the creation, change, or delete actions.

Purge Log Button

Removes all log entries created before a set date. On the pop up, enter the date and click Purge to confirm.