Browse Bookings (Text)

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Browse Bookings (Text)

ResSched lets you view schedules as listings of bookings in text and as graphical displays.  Graphical displays lets you see bookings and available time slots at a glance, while text schedules provide greater precision and more detail. Text schedules are referred to as Browses


To view a  text schedule:


1.Select Bookings>Browse Bookings from the main menu to open the Browse Bookings page

2.Select selecting your display settings

3.Click Display to generate the schedule.



Authorized users can change booking information using the edit button editbutton  or delete the booking using the delete button DeleteButton


Selections are saved for the next time you select Browse Bookings.


Browse Bookings Page




Start Date

Beginning of display period. Any bookings that occur in the display period will be included.1

End Date

End of display period. 1

Browse For

Show all bookings for the period, or limit the display to the bookings a specific entity type:

All Bookings

Displays all bookings for the period.  Only the primary resource of the booking is shown.


Limit to bookings of a resource.

Resource Group

Limit to bookings that involve any of the resources in a resource group.


Limit to bookings for a client. Only the primary resource of the booking is shown.

Client Group

Limit to bookings that involve any of the clients in a client group.  When used with Vertical layouts, the clients are listed across the top instead of resources.


Limit to the bookings in a category. Only the primary resource of the booking is shown.


Limit to bookings that involve resources that match a criteria list.


If you choose anything but All Bookings, you must select the specific resource, client, etc. you want.



Sort by Client/Resource First

If you choose Resource Group, Client Group, or Criteria in Browse For, you can choose to show bookings sorted first by client or resource and then by date/time.

Show My Bookings Only

Limits the display to just those bookings made by the user.

Include Inactive

Include inactive bookings in the display

Show Colors

When turned on, the bookings list shows the colors associated with the different entities of each booking.  Status is shown as the color of the date/times. Only the color of the primary resource is shown for resources and only the first client's color is shown for clients.

Include Notes

Include booking notes in the display. Access to booking notes is controlled in Organization Settings

Display Automatically

Display bookings on opening based on last settings used.

Display By Page

Display bookings in pages of 20 instead of all on a single page. Loads faster.

Exclude Client/Category

Excludes the client or category information from the display or export.




Clicking the Display button generates the information for all the bookings that meet the settings.  Authorized users can change booking information using the edit button editbutton or delete the booking using the delete button DeleteButton .



Script Generation


For system administrators only.  Generates Javascript code that can be used on your web pages to display the bookings as defined in the Settings section above.   The script code keeps the schedule current automatically.  The Generate Script button displays the script code in a pop up that can be copied and pasted into your web page, or copied to text file for your developer's use.  The script code shown includes the option of displaying the schedules on opening the web page or when the user clicks on the link.


Public View Only User ID

Every script for direct link for displaying Browse Bookings or a graphical schedule requires a previously created a Public View Only User ID with the right to view the resources involved.  Use the lookup button to select the user ID.  

Link Text

The text that will be shown to users for the link on you web page..

Refresh Seconds

Number of seconds between page refreshes.  Up to 1 hour (3600). Needed for unattended display.

Days, Weeks, Months, Years Offset

By default, the scripts will use the current date as the initial date for the display. If you want the link to display a period in the future from that date, you must specify an offset number of days or months for the display to start.  For example, if the days offset is 1,  the link will set the initial date to one day after the current date.

Include Forward\Back Buttons

Let users go forward or back one display period at a time.



Days covered

Number of days to be displayed in browse called by the script.



1   If Bookings Can Cross Midnight has been turned on in Organization Settings, bookings that start on or before the end date AND end on or after the start date of the display period are included. If turned off, just those bookings that start within the display period dates are included.