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Browse Resources

Choosing Resources>Browse Resources from the main menu lets users see all the resources they are authorized to view. To find a particular resource , enter the first few letters into the locator field at the top, or flip through the pages using navigation buttons at the top or bottom of the browse.



The unique name of the resource.


If this is a pooled resource, the number of units of the resource

All Users Can

If all users have the right to book or view this resource, the specific rights are shown here.

Charge out rate

The default charge out rate for the resource. Conditional: Enable Charge Out and Show Charge Out must be turned on in Organization Settings

Setup and Cleanup

The minimum setup and cleanup times for the resource. Conditional: Enable Setup and Cleanup must be turned on in Organization Settings


The resource is not available for bookings

viewbutton pencil

Show resource details. View only for general users, edit for resource and system administrators


For administrators only, delete the resource from ResSched. Not recommended. See Delete Resource before using.