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Categories are just groupings of bookings defined by your organization. For example, a category might have all the bookings associated with a project.  Only administrators can create, change or delete a category but general and reserve users can add bookings to the category. Use Categories must be turned on in Organization Settings.


Organizations can change the terms bookings, clients, resources, and categories to reflect their own usage. When the labels have been changed in Organization Settings, the new terms are used in ResSched schedules, lists and input forms. The new labels do not affect the documentation.  


Add  Category


1.Select Bookings>Categories from the main menu to open the Browse Categories page.

2.Click the Add Category button to open an empty Category Information page

3.Enter a unique name for the category and any optional information you need.

4.Click Save


Update Category


1.Select Bookings>Categories from the main menu to open the Browse Categories page.

2.Select the category and click the edit button editbutton to open the Category Information page

3.Enter any changes

4.Click Save



Browse Categories Page


Add Category Button

Administrators only.



Unique name for the category.


View category information.  Administrators can edit.


Administrators can delete the category.


Category Information Page



Unique name for the category


Select a color to represent this category in graphic schedules and browse bookings


Make this category inactive


Notes Tab


Users can add up to 5000 character of free form text to the category.


URLs Tab


An unlimited number of URLs for web pages, pdfs or other documents that can be opened with a web browser can be added to the category.