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If the labels for clients have been changed, those labels will be displayed to users


Use Clients

Bookings have clients.


Bookings do not have clients


Bookings can have clients


All bookings must have a client

All other client settings are conditional on this setting.

Multiple Clients per Booking

A booking can have more than one client

Enable Client Groups

Allow use of client groups. Client groups are used to view the schedules of several clients at once, or to add several related clients to a booking with a single selection.

Users Are Also Clients

When a new user ID 1 is created, the option of also creating an equivalent client ID is turned on.  System Administrators can limit reserve and general users to just their own client ID when making bookings.

Who can Create Clients

Resource or system administrators can always add new clients. You can allow General Users to add new clients.   Only administrators can delete or change clients.

Include Location

Include optional location information in client records.

Include Map

Include a map in the client information. Enterprise Option only. Include Location must be on.

Hide Notes/URLs from:

These settings let you hide the notes or URLS associated with a client depending on the user's access level. Options apply to view only, reserve and general users. Administrators can always see notes and URLs.

Notify Client

Email booking information to the client when the booking is made or changed.


The user must choose to send the email

Notify as Default

The user must actively choose to NOT send the email


Email notification is not available.


Miscellaneous Field For Client

Add a simple text field to the entity record. Optional - Record can have an entry in the field. Required -  Every record must have an entry in the field. If optional or required, you must give the field a label.



1 Does not apply to Public View Only users.