Criteria Lists

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Criteria Lists

Criteria lists are a special type of resource group composed of the resources found in other specified resource groups. To be included in a criteria list, a resource must be in at least one of the resource groups specified, and in all the groups marked as required. Criteria lists allow users to build lists of resources that meet complex requirements without having to select resources individually.  Unlike regular resource groups, criteria lists are associated with individual user ID's so general and reserve users can create and maintain their own lists. If a resource group used in a criteria list is changed, the resources in the criteria list change with it.



Browse Criteria


Select Resources>Criteria.from the main menu to view current criteria lists, edit existing lists, or add new list.


Add Criteria List Button

Calls Add/Update Criteria List to create new criteria list..

Criteria Name

Unique name for the criteria list


Shows the resource groups using Add/Update Criteria List .


Delete the criteria list.


Add/Update Criteria List


Criteria Name

A unique name for the criteria list.

Add Groups Button

Calls Select Groups to choose groups for the list.

Group Name

Names of the resource groups used for the list


A resource must in this group to be included in the criteria list.


Delete this group from the criteria list.