Enterprise Option

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Enterprise Option

The Enterprise option includes features that are of greater interest to larger organizations. Including:


1. Unlimited number of reserve user IDs and unique view only user IDs.


Reserve users are restricted class of uses that can make bookings on resources they are authorized for.  These bookings have a different status color and are optionally subject to administrator confirmation.   System administrators can permit public or semi-public users (such as students) to create their own reserve user ID's based on their email address.


2. Multiple data sets


Every department can have their own resources, clients, and users completely separate from the other departments.


3. API


The Enterprise Option includes use of the ResSched API to pull ResSched data into other programs and services. You can also use the API to import client, resource, and simple booking data into ResSched


4. Maps


You can assign maps for resources, clients or bookings.


The Enterprise option is a low as $49 per month for the licensing organization.  There is no per user ID.