General Considerations

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General Considerations

Remove the FIRST USER Id


Remove the FIRST USER ID, before making ResSched operational.  Be sure there are one or more other tested user ID's with System Administrator privileges before removing FIRST USER



Restricted Access to ResSched data folder on server


The ResSched data folder should not be accessible to any other workstation.  In the event, that another workstation needs access to ResSched data to perform analysis or reporting, use a copy of the data files (*.tps)




To authenticate your site and encrypt communication between browser and web server, use TLS


Require strong passwords


Passwords that are easily guessed or discovered by automated random password generators should be avoided. Administrator's can set high standards for passwords in Organization Settings.


Use primary email address as user name and add second email address whenever possible


Notification is sent to the second address whenever a user or administrator changes any authentication or security property for the user such as passwords.