General - Organization Settings

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General - Organization Settings


Operational Template

Select an operational template


Default Time Zone (geographic)


Select the country your organization is primarily based in.  


For countries that have more than one time zone, select a city or region as default time zone

Allow User Time Zones

Allow users to view and schedule using their own selected time zone.


Email Notification Addresses


Email address that will be used for any outgoing notifications to users, clients, or resources. Conditional:  Use Email For Notifications must be on in Server Settings

Reply to

If a separate address is needed for Reply to, enter it here.  Otherwise the FROM address will be used.


Schedule Settings (Predetermined)

Time format

The organization's preferred time format: AM/PM or 24 hour clock (default AM/PM).

Date format

The organization' preferred short date format: mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy.


Schedule Settings (Variable)

These settings are default values for schedules. Users can change the setting before display.  If the user has a unique ID, their choice is saved between sessions.  A Public View Only User ID uses the setting shown here as the default for each session.

Start of Work Day

The start of day for graphic schedule displays.

End of Work Day

The end of day schedule display.

Time Interval

The time period of each interval of a day schedule. Can be changed by user before display.

Start of Work Week

First week day shown for graphic week schedules. (Default: Monday)

Text Source

The default text information that should be shown in the in the blocks representing bookings in graphic schedules: client, booking name, or primary resource.

Color Source

The default entity color used in graphic schedules:



Pale gray is used for all bookings displayed.


Color associated with the booking's status.


Color associated with the primary resource of the booking


Color associated with the client of the booking. Not available when Multiple Clients is turned on in Organization Settings


Color associated with category of a booking. Not available when Multiple Categories is turned on in Organization Settings.

Browse Booking Period

The default period in days to be shown when browsing bookings (default 7).


Schedule Conflicts Handling

Conflicts Can Be Accepted By

Which classes of user can accept scheduling conflicts: resource and system administrators only (default), or administrators and general users. Reserve users can never accept conflicts.

No Weekend Bookings

Attempts to schedule on Saturday or Sunday are treated as conflicts.

No Bookings Outside  Work Day

Attempts to schedule outside of the work day are treated as conflicts.

No Client Conflicts

Check for conflicts in client schedule when adding or changing bookings.


Bar Code Settings

Use Bar Codes For:

Select the entities you want to use bar codes for: resources, clients, both or nothing.

Bar Code Type:

Select the type of code you are using for those entities.

Input Device:

Select whether the scanner to be used is your phone or tablet camera, or a separate scanner.