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Welcome to ResSchedTM 10.


ResSched makes it easier and more effective for businesses, health and educational institutions, or other organizations to schedule their resources. If your organization schedules equipment, space, people or other resources by the hour, fraction of an hour, or day, ResSched can help. Spend less effort scheduling, while getting better use of your organization's resources.


In this documentation we will using the terms booking, resource, and client.  Your organization may use other terms for these entities and you can change ResSched labels to reflect your terms.    




Among ResSched's many features are:


Full web interface

All operations and most administration is done with the user's browser.

Customizable from the simplest to highly complex needs

Every organization is different.  ResSched gives you the ability to move from the simplest structure and minimal interface to a detailed solution to your organizations specific scheduling requirements.  Start with the Operational Template that best reflects your organization and then customize ResSched to your specific needs.

Global to precision resource control

You set who can view and book which resources ranging from global authorization to individual user/resource pairs.  Use resource and user groups to to give block authorization quickly and easily.  

Resource Groups

Resources can be grouped together for easy booking of multiple resources at once, viewing schedules of multiple resources in one view, administering users' rights to book and view resources, and building multiple criteria for selecting resources.   Easy to create and very flexible, resource groups are central part of ResSched

Conflict Checking

ResSched checks every booking for schedule conflicts of resources and, optionally, clients. You can also set ResSched to check for bookings on that are weekends, outside regular work times, on any holidays and other special periods you designate. ResSched can be set to disallow or permit conflicts depending on the level of user and type of conflict.

Graphical and Text Schedules

ResSched offers a wide variety of graphical schedule formats so you can see at a glance what is booked when, and what is available. Text schedule lets you include detailed booking information.

Clients and Client Groups

Client use and client settings are optional in ResSched.  You can assign multiple clients to the same event and still see schedules of individual clients (such as students).  Or use client groups to see the schedules of all the clients of a particular type (e.g. class) at a glance.

Public Schedules

Use ResSched to provide real time schedules of specific resources or groups on your web site or email links. ResSched supports unattended displays such as signage and kiosks.

Client and resource notification

ResSched can automatically alert clients or people resources to new bookings and changed bookings.  Icals included.