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Signing In

If your server is listening on the defaut web ports (80 for unencrypted requests and port 433 for encrypted requests), you can call ResSched from your browser by entering 'http://yourservername'  using your server's DNS name or IP address instead of 'yourservername'   If the server is listening on different ports, add ':' and the port number to the URL (e.g., http://yourservername:88)


All ResSched users, except for Public View Only users, must be logged in before they can access ResSched schedules and other information.



Sign In Page


User Name / Email Address

A unique identifier for the user up to 80 charactrers. The user's primary email address can be used as the user name (recommended).


The user's password. Not required for Public View Only user ID's.

Reset forgotten password

A temporary random password is generated and emailed to the primary email address of the user with security notification sent to the second email address if available. The temporary password is valid for just 15 minutes and can only be used to let the user create their own new password.


Conditional: Allow Password Reset must be turned on in Organization Settings.

Create new user ID

This link lets public or semi-public (e.g. students) users can create a reserve user ID.


Condtional: Organization must have an Extended license subscription; Allow Public Reserve Users must be turned on in Organization Settings.