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The Enterprise Option allows you to display a map with individual resources, clients, or bookings.


Server Settings


In Server Settings, you must select a map provider and enter any keys, tokens, or other authentication required by the provider.



Organization Settings


In the Organization Settings for clients, resources, or bookings, Use Location must be turned on before Use Map can be.



Using Maps


If Use Map has been turned on for clients or resources or bookings, when a resource or system administrator log in, their browser is queried for their location.  This location information is used as the initial map coordinates whenever a new client or resource is created.  If the browser does not have the location information, central New York is used as the initial coordinates.  For bookings, if the Default Location setting in Organization Settings is set to Client or Resource the map coordinates of the client or resource are used.  If not, the browser location is used, and failing that central New York.