Multiple Data Sets

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Multiple Data Sets

The Enterpise Option allows multiple data sets of resources, clients, users, and bookings to accessed through a single ResSched running server.  If different departments want their own data set they can have them.


Separate Folders


By default, data tables (*.tps) are located in the main ResSched folder (usually C:\ResSchedServer).  If you need more than one data set,  create a separate folder immediately under your main ResSched folder for each data set. Consider the name of folder carefully, it will be used by users and others to access the data set.


The syslic.tps and timezone.tps files must remain in the main ResSched folder.


Signing In


When the Enterprise Option is active, users see a separate entry for the data set when they sign in.   Left blank, ResSched will use the data tables in the main ResSched folder.  If the user enters the name of the sub folder created for a data set, they will access that folder.