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Navigating - Main Menu

Users must be signed in to see the Main menu.


ResSched uses a simple menu program for navigation. Menu choices vary by the access level of the user and options selected in Organization Settings. Menu items use the labels set in Organization Setttings.


Don't use Back Button


Because ResSched uses POSTDATA extensively, using your browser's Back button to return to an earlier page will often fail.  Instead, use the menu to select the page you want to display again. Data you last entered on the page will often still be there.


Entering Data

When entering data use the lookup Lookupbutton whenever possible. While many fields will allow free form entries, the lookup button will provide accuracy and the proper format for the entry. Many fields will present valid entries as you enter the first few characters.




Menu items are conditional on user's access level and selections made in Organization Settings.



Add a new booking.  Not available to view only users.


Browse Bookings

List bookings chronologically in text. Filter bookings by entity or condition

Categories 1

List and edit categories for bookings

Purge Old Bookings

For System Administrators only. Remove all booking occurrences before a specified date.


Display graphical schedules in several formats.  Filtered by entity or condition


Browse Resources

List resources alphabetically

Add Resource

Add a new resource. Resource and system administrators only.

Resource Groups

List and edit resource groups


List and edit resource criteria

Clients 2

Browse Clients

List clients alphabetically

Add Client 3

Add new client  

Client Groups 4

List and edit client groups


System administrators only

Browse Users

List users alphabetically

Add User

Add a new user

User Groups

List and edit user groups


Change user's password


System administrators only

Organization Settings

Edit organization settings through several sub items

Booking Log

List activity of bookings for user, resource, client or time period



1 Use Categories must be turned on in Organization Settings


2 Use Clients must be turned on in Organization Settings


3 Limited to Administrators and, if authorized in Organization Settings, General Users.


4 Enable Client Groups must be turned on in Organization Settings